About Amberley Town


Amberley town was established in 1864 by entrepreneur Mrs Carter, and it took off when the railway line arrived a few years later.

The views and general ambient feeling was a feature of the promotion, and Mrs Carter chose an English name to reflect the character of the surrounding countryside with it’s rolling hills and elevated proximity to the ocean.

It was a flourishing town for many decades being the economic and social hub of a large district. The Main Road of Amberley carry’s the name “Carters Road”.

Today it is moving to another level with the development of the modern day “railway”, the supermarket and shopping centre. Just as the railway line and station acted as a catalyst for growth, the long awaited Countdown supermarket, shopping centre and associated services will create the impetus for a more self sufficient and economically robust community and hinterland.

Amberley town and surrounding area is blessed with community spirit. Clubs and services have evolved over one hundred and fifty years.

The Amberley Golf Course is an 18 hole links course, five minutes drive from Amberley, and it is highly regarded by golfers in Cantebury. The club house and facilities are excellent for a country course and the club welcomes new members. Club fees are quite modest.

There are many wonderful features and amenities within the town.