What is the price range at Oakfields?

Stage 7 sections are priced depending upon size but they range from $159,000. You can purchase 500 square metre sections from $159,000 and 700 square metre sections from $161,000. There are 500’s, 600’s, 700’s and 800’s to choose from.


Are there covenants on the Oakfields development?

Yes there are. They are designed to protect those who invest in the development. They are not as onerous as a lot of covenants. There is a separate section for covenants on this website.

The key elements is that you need to have your house and building design approved before proceeding. These are not unreasonably withheld.

There are no two story houses allowed in any stage of Oakfields. There is the ability to build into a roof line in some cases but this needs approval. The idea is to protect peoples’ outlook, sun, views and sense of space.

The other key considerations are; no second hand materials unless approved, no outlandish materials which neighbours may find offensive such as galvanized steel cladding.

You cannot move in and leave your front garden untidy and driveway to the garage unsealed etc and the colour pallet needs approval.

There are no lifestyle conditions imposed, eg you can have barbeque whenever you like and you can mow your lawn in a singlet if you so wish.

There are however restriction on dog breeds, this is the one area where the covenants stray into lifestyle areas, however the breeds specified are generally regarded as potentially dangerous to people and other dogs.


Without reading all of the covenants, how many square metres do I need to build to satisfy the covenants?

From 400 to 500 square metres it is minimum of 120 square metres including garage.

From 600 through 900 it is minimum of 140 square metres including garage.

For 1100 square metre an up it is minimum of 160 square metres including garage.


What is the site coverage that the Council will allow without specific resource consent?

That will depend on where it is. In the smaller sections in Stage 2 the site coverage is currently 40%. This means that for a 400 square metre section you cannot exceed 160 square metres of build floor area. You may however exceed this limit with subject to Council consent and this is a formal application. A number of owners have been successful in achieving this, however there is a limit to how far you can push it.

In all other sections including the whole of Stage 3 the maximum site coverage is currently 35%. The Council is often more lenient with variations where there is open space around the property such as a green space and where there is negligible effect on neighbours.


How I can be sure that I won’t be “built out” by a neighbour?

The covenants don’t allow two storey houses. All stages have been designed with the property owners’ outlook in mind and the views and open space is important to the overall look and feel of the neighbourhood. There is potential for someone to build into the roof space where a higher pitch roof was anticipated and this would include a mezzanine floor, however such cases are taken on individual merit etc, and the impact on neighbours is a consideration.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

For sections it is 10% of the section price. The arrangements with house and land packages are variable depending upon the building company. Refer to house and land packages.

Where is the deposit money kept?

The deposit funds are held with Saunders & Co Trust Account and the funds are not used or accessed by the developer until the subdivision is complete, the Council has signed of on it and provided a 224 Certificate and LINZ has produced a registered title for the section.

When do I need to pay for the section?

After you have signed a contract, you have ten working days to have it checked over by your solicitor, then you go unconditional. If you are buying “off the plan” then you will not pay for it until the section you are buying has officially been given a separate title. Then you have 5 working days to pay the balance of the balance of 90%. You will have plenty of notice in the run up to titles.

If you are buying an existing section which already has title, you will need to pay the deposit once your solicitor has approved the contract and within 7 working days settle in full, this can be extended by arrangement.


Can I build now?

Yes you can in the case of sections which have title. You will of course need to get building consent.

Are there house and land packages?

Yes there are. There is currently one house close to completion on a four hundred square metre section in Stage 2. There are a number of house and land packages for both Stage 2 and Stage 3. These are with some of the major building companies including Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury, Stonewood Homes, Generation Homes, and Versatile Homes.

How does payment work with house and land packages?

They vary between companies, however typically the building company works with you to make it as smooth as possible. There might be an agreed set of payments for the whole package including the land, and these arrangements are generally worked to suit the banking industry. Given the earthquake aftermath, often individual circumstances are different and payments schemes can be worked to suit the circumstance.

Is the subdivision serviced as you would expect in the city?

Yes. There is Council reticulated high pressure water, Council sewer connection to the boundary of your section, (no need for a septic tank) electricity and fibre for telephone and communication etc.

Is there a rubbish collection?

Yes there is rubbish and recycling collection weekly and bags need to be purchased from the Hurunui District Council.

What are ground conditions like?

The land has been tested by a leading geotech engineer and it has an outstanding report. Refer Geotech Report.

How do the various stages compare?

The council plan for Oakfields specified higher density housing through much of Stage 2 with future stages lower density. What this means is, the general look of Oakfields will be spacious and on average larger sections. However, we have tried to cater for all needs, and there will still be some smaller sections in Stage 3 and in future stages. Where possible, these sections have a green space outlook.

The entrance to Stage 3 is via the main Oakfields entrance to the development. It is a stunning mix of stone pillars and wooden railing and incorporates the Oakfields name.

Throughout stage 3 the developer has provided a mix of pool fencing and standard fencing. In Stage 4, provided by the developer is standard fencing on the western most boundary.

Stage 4 will comprise of six west facing sections with fencing provided again on the western most boundary. These six sections have access from an existing Stage 3 road.

Stage 5 will comprise of seventeen sections facing in various directions. These seventeen sections have access from an existing Stage 3 road and from the newly constructed link road through to Johnson Avenue. There is again a mix of pool fencing and standard fencing.

Stage 6 will comprise of twenty four sections facing in various directions. These sections have access from the newly constructed cul-de-sac through to Johnson Avenue. There is again a mix of pool fencing and standard fencing.

Stage 7 will comprise of twenty one sections facing in various directions. These sections have access from the newly constructed cul-de-sac through to Claremont Crescent. Only two sections will have pool fencing for those that back onto the public walkway.

Future stages are being considered and will be to the East of Stage 7 and North of Stage 3. These stages will be designed to the same high stages, utilising views and green space to the sections advantages, and will be linked through to Johnson Avenue.


Who is responsible for the town?

The Hurunui District Council is responsible for the town. They have their head office in Amberley. Amberley is part of the Amberley Ward which also includes Leithfeild, Leithfield Beach, Amberley Beach and surrounding farms and lifestyle blocks. The Hurunui District stretches all the way to the Conway River and Hanmer Springs is a part of the District.

Can I talk to Council about my house plans before titles are ready?

Yes you can. In fact it is advisable and will assist with getting started with your building application.

How long does planning approval for the house take to get sign off?

The Council processes your application within 21 days. There may be some technical reason for a delay, but the Council prides itself in its fast turnaround.

Can I get a variation to the Council conditions re my house layout and size?

Possibly. If you wanted to get a few metres extra over and above the limit of the allowable house size for that section, you can approach Council and request a variation via a resource consent. A few metres is often acceptable. Other standard conditions may be varied depending upon the nature of it, for example set backs.

Can I choose my own builder?

Yes you can. There are several reputable builders in the Hurunui District or you can chose to build with a building company.

Is there a building time frame to complete my dwelling?

No, not for starting. However, once started there is a requirement to complete, ie it is unacceptable to have a partly built house sting in that state for a long time.

Can I build an outbuilding such as a garden shed or small workshop or a carport for my caravan?

The District Plan allows for these sorts of outbuildings. The covenants allow them but there are some conditions.

Who pays for fencing?

Any fencing installed by the developer will have the cost charged to the purchaser as noted in the Further Term of Sale for each stage. The fences in between lots are paid for by the purchaser. The fencing act requires that neighbours share reasonable cost.

Are the access ways (drives) across the footpath installed at title?

NO crossings are provided in any stage – this is a purchaser cost.

How much can I expect to pay in rates?

People moving to this district have been pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the rates are. The Council does what it can to keep the rates down and compared with other Councils in the Canterbury area, they are quite reasonable. You may be able to get an indication direct from Council.

Do I get a discount card for Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools?

Yes, currently you can. The Council owns the Thermal Pool Resort and passes some of that benefit on to rate payers by way of a discount card. The business itself has been profitable and this helps with amenities throughout the district and with keeping rates down.

Will there be a walking and cycling track to Brackenfields?

Yes there will. This means that once completed, you will have an internal walkway and cycling system to the shopping centre so that you don’t have to go out onto the main road or even Amberley Beach Road to get to the new shops and the existing amenities on the east side of the main road.

How many new shops are proposed in Brackenfields?

In the first stage it is proposed to have 16 shops. The second stage has not yet been planned at this point.


Where is the Medical Centre?

The Medical Centre is located in Stage 1 of Oakfields which was completed by previous development owners, and it is in Clifford Place.


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