Are there covenants on the Oakfields development?

Yes there are. They are designed to protect those who invest in the development. They are not as onerous as a lot of covenants. There is a separate section for covenants on this website.

The key elements is that you need to have your house and building design approved before proceeding. These are not unreasonably withheld.

There are no two story houses allowed in any stage of Oakfields. There is the ability to build into a roof line in some cases but this needs approval. The idea is to protect peoples’ outlook, sun, views and sense of space.

The other key considerations are; no second hand materials unless approved, no outlandish materials which neighbours may find offensive such as galvanized steel cladding.

You cannot move in and leave your front garden untidy and driveway to the garage unsealed etc and the colour pallet needs approval.

There are no lifestyle conditions imposed, eg you can have barbeque whenever you like and you can mow your lawn in a singlet if you so wish.

There are however restriction on dog breeds, this is the one area where the covenants stray into lifestyle areas, however the breeds specified are generally regarded as potentially dangerous to people and other dogs.