How do the various stages compare?

The council plan for Oakfields specified higher density housing through much of Stage 2 with future stages lower density. What this means is, the general look of Oakfields will be spacious and on average larger sections. However, we have tried to cater for all needs, and there will still be some smaller sections in Stage 3 and in future stages. Where possible, these sections have a green space outlook.

The entrance to Stage 3 is via the main Oakfields entrance to the development. It is a stunning mix of stone pillars and wooden railing and incorporates the Oakfields name.

Throughout stage 3 the developer has provided a mix of pool fencing and standard fencing. In Stage 4, provided by the developer is standard fencing on the western most boundary.

Stage 4 will comprise of six west facing sections with fencing provided again on the western most boundary. These six sections have access from an existing Stage 3 road.

Future stages are being considered and will be to the north of Stage 2 and west of Stage 3. These stages will be designed to the same high stages, utilising views and green space to the sections advantages, and will be linked through to Johnson Avenue.