New Amberley driving service

Transportation to the hairdressers, the doctor or other appointments is just a phone call away for people in the Amberley district.

Jenni Wells has taken up a Driving Miss Daisy franchise and is offering a safe and reliable companion driving service which offers more than just transportation.

Jenni can drive clients to medical appoint› ments, personal grooming appointments, social engagements, grocery shopping or other shop› ping trips, scenic drives and airport, bus, train departures or pick ups.

While the service is ideal for older people to help maintain their independence and for those who don’t drive or don’t like driving in Christchurch, she will also take kids to and from after school activities.

She can fill in for family and take mum or dad to appointments and sit in and take notes for the family and send a report to them. ‘‘I basically cover stuff the St John’s shuttle doesn’t do. But I do not do pick›ups or drop› offs to pubs,’’ she says.

Jenni, a long time Amberley resident, was looking at ways of providing a service for people to get them to appointments or take them for hospital visits while making regular trips to Holmwood, in Rangiora, to enable her mother› in›law to visit her husband.

While there the Rangiora›based Driving Miss Daisy person arrived one day to pick someone up and Jenni knew that this was what she could offer in the Amberley district. It is much more than a taxi service, affordable and cost›effective, says Jenni who has been police vetted and holds St John qualifications to help meet any emergencies.

‘‘I’ll collect people from their door, drive them to their destination and provide whatever help is needed before delivering them safely home again,’’ she says.

Jenni says the service can even extend to picking up older family members from social functions such as weddings. leaving younger family members to stay on longer and enjoy a drink. ‘‘Driving Miss Daisy has literally changed lives in other areas and will make a huge difference to people’s’s lives in the Amberley region.’’

For further information telephone (03) 314 8690 or 021 503 787. Or you can make a booking by calling 0800 948 432 or visit

Jenni Wells and her distinctive Driving Miss Daisy vehicle.

Jenni Wells and her distinctive Driving Miss Daisy vehicle.

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