About Us

Oakfields is owned by a group of well established business people mainly from Christchurch.

The Oakfields development is part of the wider vision within the group to assist with the development of a delightful 150 year old town in a sustainable manner and in a way which preserves the character and inherent appeal of a country village.

The base of infrastructure, both physical and social is considered a key point of difference and separates Oakfields from greenfields developments which by necessity build the urban mass before the amenities follow many years later and sometimes not at all.

The adjacent sister venture, Brackenfields Retail Centre, is underway with construction well in hand and the opening of the Countdown supermarket targeted for May 2014.

The development was acquired some years before the Earthquake.

The owners have worked with Council over a number of years to create a long term plan with associated state of the art infrastructure, including environmentally friendly stormwater systems, reticulated sewer systems, artesian water, power, fibre and a walkway and cycle way system throughout the development.

The policy is employ experienced and well regarded people and commercial operators to provide a quality outcome.

The main contractor, BGs, has a long history of development in the South island and are known for its precision and its attention to detail.

The key management personnel have a combined 80 years of development experience and particular attention has been given to design, with the emphasis on outlook, lifestyle, access, orientation to the sun and the feeling of being part of and in sync with the environment.

The developers regard this venture as a contribution to the history and sustainable development of an iconic New Zealand town, steeped in history and character, and approach it with the respect and dignity that this background demands.